Ideas for Connecting with your People via WorkInConfidence

During the Covid outbreak it is as important as ever to ensure you understand your staff and they can readily give you feedback.  In many ways, given the huge levels of uncertainty it is more important than ever to enable candid feedback.

Here are some ways that you can use WorkInConfidence to keep connected with your people and help to address some of their concerns.

NOTE: you may not have all of the modules discussed below enabled. If you would like to then please contact support on 0845 383 1013 or and we will be happy to help you.

Also if you need us to carry out administration tasks on your behalf during this time again please just get in touch with support.

PROTECT:   Anonymous Speak Up

Your people will have greater concerns during this time and so it is important to make sure your staff can easily and safely tell you if they feel they or other people are being put in harms’ way during this trying time. Given staff will be increasingly worried about not having a job, make sure no one feels unable to speak up through fear.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Consider adding specific categories such as  “Covid Health & Safety Concerns” and “Covid Related HR Issues” and “Covid Related Operating Issues” to allow you to identify these issues quickly and triage them.
  • Revisit the conversation recipients on WorkInConfidence to ensure that they are the most appropriate people and consider adding some external recipients such as union representatives, third party councillors.
  • If conversations recipients are unavailable then ensure that their Out of Office is set in WorkInConfidence to ensure that messages are not sent and unanswered.
  • Don’t wait for people to raise a concern – proactively send out a message welcoming conversations using the Get Feedback option.

SHARE & EXCITE: Discussion Boards

Many of your people may be working from home for the first time and may feel isolated. The Discussion Boards included in the system enable you to set up your own boards and topics where multiple people can contribute. Importantly the boards enable people to stay anonymous – so they need not be shy in raising ideas. You may need to enable the Discussion Boards before they become visible.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Here are some boards and/or threads that you could start:
    • Getting Remote Working Right During Covid
    • Health & Safety During Covid
    • Suggestions for Improving Communications
    • Making Sure we Continue to Enjoy Work
  • Invite your people to these boards by sending out a message asking for contributions by using the Get Feedback option.

UNDERSTAND & LEARN: Pulse and Mini Surveys

The WorkInConfidence Understand and Learn module enables you to run pulse and mini surveys. You can use these to reach out to your people to check how they feel about the way they are now working, the resources you are giving them, systems, communications and engagement.

We have included below sample questions which can be run through the system. We can set these up for you on your behalf if you would like. Please contact support on 0845 383 1013 or and let us know which you would like created.

The following are some questions that you might like to consider along with a suggested question type. You can use these individually or in combination to create a mini survey:

I feel our safety is being looked after by the company

[Totally Disagree to Totally Agree or 5 point smiley]


If you disagree with the last statement what else could we do to look after your safety?



I feel I have the right resources to work remotely during Coronovirus



If you disagree with the last statement what else do you need?



I feel communications about the Coronovirus threat from the organisation have been good

[Totally Disagree to Totally Agree or 5 point smiley]


I feel I am clear about what I should do whilst we are working remotely during Coronovirus

[Totally Disagree to Totally Agree or 5 point smiley]


I feel our communications are in a good place to enable me to work well at home

[Totally Disagree to Totally Agree or 5 point smiley]


If you disagree with the last statement what else could improve our communications?


Need more help? If you'd like help or support on any feature of WorkInConfidence then please get in touch by either creating a new support ticket, sending an email to or using the chat function in the bottom right of the page.