Transfer a Conversation to Another Manager

If a receiving Manager (Conversation Recipient) believes that they are not the right person to deal with a conversation they have been sent, then they may choose to transfer it to another manager. In order for this transfer to succeed, the sender of the conversation must agree to the transfer.

The rest of this article describes how the transfer process works and is done chronologically rather than by function.

Initiating the Transfer Process

At the bottom of any conversation, a manager will see an option to “Request to transfer to” another Manager.  Select the Manager you wish to transfer the conversation to from the drop down list. The Manager must already exist on WorkInConfidence (have a role of a Conversation Recipient).

Selecting a Manager to Transfer to

Selecting a Manager to Request to Transfer to

In addition to selecting the receiving Manager, you must also enter a comment to explain why you intend to transfer this conversation to the new receiving manager. This will only be seen by the person who initiated the conversation.

Authorising the Transfer

Once the transfer has been initiated, the conversation can still continue between the sender and original recipient but the option to transfer will no longer be available.

The person who started the conversation will be sent an email asking them to authorise the transfer:

Confirm conversation transfer

Confirm conversation transfer

The person who has raised a conversation has 2 weeks to either accept or reject the idea of the transfer by clicking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the Notification Email with a request to transfer and then logging into the app. The transfer can also be authorised from within the conversation directly on the WorkInConfidence platform.

Transfer Timeout

If the person who has raised a conversation has not approved a ‘transfer’ request within 2 weeks of the ‘transfer initiation’ date, the transfer request will be ‘timed out’ and the conversation will remain visible to the original manager.

Acknowledging the Transfer

If the sender accepts the transfer request then both the original and receiving managers will get an email to tell them of the outcome.

If the transfer is rejected, then only the original manager will receive a notification that the request was not accepted. In this case the manager may choose to continue the conversation or initiate a transfer to a different manager.

Continuing the Conversation

If the conversation is transferred to the new receiving manager, they will be able to see all the previous comments and continue as normal. The person who started the conversation will be able to see which messages belong to which manager in the conversation history.

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