Information for Individuals

How we Protect your Identity

SpeakInConfidence works hard to protect your identity when using the system, including:
  • We guarantee that we will never reveal your identity to your organisation, manager or anyone else unless a court requires us to do so (because an illegal act has been committed).
  • Your organisation will never know who has and who has not registered for SpeakInConfidence.
  • All information that is sent between your browser and our servers is encrypted – look for the certificate details at the top of the page.
  • All sensitive information, including your messages, is encrypted before being stored on our servers. Your employers have no access to this information.

How you can Protect your Identity

You can also help to keep your identity secure by:
  • not including any personal information in your messages that might help to identify you, such as your location.
  • making sure that you are not being overlooked when you write your message.
  • thinking about sending your message from outside of work – you can access the system from anywhere once you have successfully registered.
If you have any concerns regarding security and how we protect your identity please contact us here.

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