Managing your Fields

Fields are additional pieces of information that you can store against a Case allowing you to gather more detail. You can create as many fields as you need and they can be of type:

  • date
  • single select picklist
  • text
  • decimal
  • integer
  • email
  • telephone
  • web address

The rest of this page shows you how to create and manage your fields.

Managing Fields

Select Settings > Case Management > Fields from the left hand function menu and on the next page you will see a list of any existing attributes that you have created.

Created Fields

Adding a New Field

To create a new Field enter the name that you want to call it and then select type from the Field type drop down list. The Name will be seen by Managers when creating or updating a Case so make sure that it is something that will be meaningful to them. Click Save to save your new Field – it will be immediately available.

To edit a Field click on the pencil icon next to the Field you wish to update.

Creating a New Field

Adding Pick List Items

Fields of type “single select pick list” need to have items associated with them. When you select a Field of this type a new panel will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to enter in the values you want for this list. If you have already created attributes for surveys or during user uploads then you can opt to select and use these.

It is also possible to remove existing items by clicking on the bin icon next to the item you want to remove.

Remember to click Save when you are done.

Adding Pick List Items

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