Dashboard actions for Primary Admins

The WorkInConfidence dashboard provides admins with an overview of all that’s going on in the system, including how many cases/conversations are open and who they are with.

The Primary Admin of the instance is able to take certain actions from this page if necessary, and so they are able to either request the transfer of conversations to other managers or close conversations and cases. This is done from the ‘Actions’ column that appears to the Primary Admin for the two tables showing open conversations and cases in the system.

Conversation actions

Closing a conversation will notify the staff member who started it and they will be able to reopen it if necessary. You are also not able to close conversations which have not been responded to by the manager.

In the case of requesting a conversation’s transfer the member of staff will be notified and they can either accept or deny the transfer.

The primary admin now also has the option to close open cases from the dashboard in similar fashion as shown below.

Case action

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