Value Capture (Anonymous Conversations / Case Management)

Value Capture

WorkInConfidence provides the option for managers to capture the value of a conversation or case. This helps admins in your organisation better understand the impact that specific conversations have had.

By default, value capture is enabled and optional. The setting for it can be found on Settings > Conversations > Settings for Anonymous Conversations and Settings > Case Management > Settings for Case Management.

Value Capture setting

Value Capture setting

When enabled the ‘Record Value’ option appears at the bottom of conversations for the Anonymous Conversations module.Value capture for conversations

For Case Management the option appears at the top while you are viewing a case.

Value capture for cases

Clicking the option then allows you to record the value for the specific conversation or case.

Value capture

If the conversation gets transferred then the manager it gets transferred to will be able to see what you have entered and add to that as needed.

Likewise, if you share a case with other managers in Case Management then they will be able to contribute to the information that gets captured here.

Value Reasons

The options for the first dropdown can be changed on the ‘Manage Value Reasons’ page. Here you can either make changes to the default value reasons or add new ones.

Manage Value Reasons


Admins can access information gathered from Value Capture on the existing ‘Reports’ page. The reports are called ‘Value by Conversation’ and ‘Value by Case’ respectively.

Manage value reasons


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