Sentiment Analysis in Surveys using AI

WorkInConfidence provides you with the option to use AI in order to gain more insights from the free text comments that are submitted in your surveys. By enabling and using this feature you will be able to see the overall sentiment of the comments as well as highlight key phrases within them. This is done through AWS and the data is encrypted in transit and not maintained by them.

NOTE: If a free text comment is in an unsupported language it won’t be analysed. The currently supported languages are as follows: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional).

The general setting can be enabled on the Survey Settings page.

General setting for AI in surveys

General setting for AI in surveys

Once this is enabled it means you’ll be able to turn this on for individual free text questions whenever you add one to a survey.Setting for every free text questionWhen this is done and there are enough results for your survey as per the group size setting (default is 5) you will be able to go to the results page for it and see it in action like below.AI processed comments

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