Release Notes (v8.10.1) – 17th of April 2023

This release adds Artificial Intelligence for surveys which allows you to highlight key phrases and determine the sentiment of free text comments. There’s also improvements to bulk upload to highlight if you’re about to upload personal emails and to make it so the users are pre-processed meaning you can reupload all staff members without running into issues with the licence limit. Besides all this, the label for the ‘Other’ option in surveys can now be customised.

  • ENH: AI for free text questions in surveys
  • ENH: Bulk upload check for personal emails
  • ENH: Bulk upload pre-processing
  • ENH: Customisable label for the ‘Other’ option
  • ENH: Text change regarding SMS notifications
  • ENH: Yes/No is now displayed on the bar for survey results
  • ENH: Added a % sign to bar charts
  • ENH: Pie chart png downloads now have legends
  • ENH: Change to number of decimals for integer numbers
  • BUG: Filtering by multiple fields doesn’t function properly
  • BUG: There’s two ‘Last Month’ filters on the dashboard
  • BUG: Surveys get sent to the support admin account
  • BUG: Buttons don’t fit in the modal for deleting an admin
  • BUG: Unnecessary email sent when a conversation transfer is accepted in the app
  • BUG: Error clogging the log on live
  • BUG: Error thrown when trying to delete duplicate pick list items
  • BUG: Error thrown when clicking update on a report with no filters
  • BUG: Can’t download pdfs of some old conversations

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