Release Notes (v8.7.1) – 28th of November 2022

This release adds the ability to register onto the system without an email address. This is optional and only available to people using the company-specific URL to reach the login page. The ‘Manage Pick Lists’ and ‘Survey Questions’ pages have also been updated. There’s also other improvements to surveys, such as the ability to edit the text displayed at the end of the survey.

  • ENH: Added the ability to create accounts without using an email address
  • ENH: Updated the survey questions page
  • ENH: Updated the ‘Manage Pick Lists’ page
  • ENH: Ids can now be turned off on rating scale questions
  • ENH: Survey ownership now gets changed if the owner’s account becomes inactive
  • ENH: Changed the privacy wording when starting a survey to further emphasise anonymity
  • ENH: Removed the box from the survey link
  • ENH: Various improvements to the survey questions page
  • ENH: The survey conclusion can now be edited
  • ENH: Decimal places are now removed from the ‘Overall’ percentages in the survey XLSX
  • ENH: Pick list options are now wider
  • ENH: Updated ‘Send Progress’ page text
  • BUG: Some surveys don’t show up in their tab in Reports
  • BUG: Cloning a survey sets the wrong creation date
  • BUG: Report names are changed to lowercase when the report is run
  • BUG: Clicking ‘Back’ on the final survey send page clears the email you had previously written
  • BUG: Percentage slider missing bar on iPhones
  • BUG: Primary Admin role not removed from inactive user
  • BUG: Roles removed when adding a user with an existing email
  • BUG: The unsubscribe link in a reminder email does not work
  • BUG: Error related to referrer when clicking a link outside the app

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