Release Notes (v8.6.0) – 12th of October 2022

This release contains more Case Management improvements. The most important feature is the ability to now filter CM reports by fields.

  • ENH: CM reports can now be filtered by fields
  • ENH: Text changes for legal reasons
  • ENH: Filters are now remembered on the Inbox/Created Surveys/Created Cases pages
  • ENH: Added Total Cases & Conversations report to the dashboard
  • ENH: If there’s no closed cases or conversations the average time to close says N/A
  • ENH: The case closed text now specifies if a feedback survey was sent
  • ENH: Added a new column to Created Cases to show when a case was opened
  • ENH: Dropdowns on Created Cases now update immediately
  • ENH: Individual details in a case are now hyperlinked
  • ENH: Clicking ‘Save question’ now keeps you at the bottom of the page
  • ENH: Decimal changes on the long survey results page
  • BUG: Double-clicking issues in CM
  • BUG: Error when exporting a report to CSV
  • BUG: Reminder email to bulk uploaded users who haven’t set a password does not get sent
  • BUG: Issue clearing template when adding a note
  • BUG: Some clients had a report that no longer existed
  • BUG: Large spaces left when copying and pasting into a case note
  • BUG: Adding a note to a case doesn’t change the ‘Modified’ date
  • BUG: No confirmation when a case is closed or archived
  • BUG: Blank additional contact details cause an error
  • BUG: Errors when trying to print a report or download a CSV of it

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