Release Notes (v7.1.0) – 15th of March 2022

This release brings a couple of improvements to the app. Every person will now be able to change their e-mail in the app even if the instance does not have a registration code.

  • ENH: The inbox now shows the last message in the conversation
  • ENH: App users can change their email regardless of the presence of the registration code
  • ENH: Bulk uploaded users receive a different email clarifying that they’ve been added by their organisation
  • ENH: Setting support access for 1 day now works properly
  • ENH: The CSV report timestamp format is now YYYY-MM-DD
  • ENH: Small text changes in the transfer confirmation emails
  • ENH: Additional text for the ‘Ideas for getting the most out of WorkInConfidence’ email
  • BUG: Registration code appears to be mandatory but isn’t
  • BUG: Formatting issue on error when saving pick lists
  • BUG: Footer gets cut
  • BUG: Error when setting survey permissions on an old survey
  • BUG: Draft survey worked as Active

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