Release Notes (v6.21.0) – 28th September 2021

The focus of this release has been the accessibility of the app itself as well as the survey completion.

The list below covers the major changes and bug fixes in this release:
(note: ENH stands for enhancement)

  • ENH: The browser title element now changes based on the page you are on
  • ENH: Screen readers should now be able to read text with the pronunciation specific to the language it is in
  • ENH: Accessibility improved for the Conversation History page
  • ENH: Accessibility improved for the Two-Factor Authentication page
  • ENH: Accessibility improved for the Start a conversation page
  • ENH: The tab order has been improved
  • ENH: Landmark regions are now defined in ARIA within the app and when completing surveys
  • ENH: A ‘Skip to main content’ link has been added to help with accessibility
  • ENH: Errors are identified through ARIA when completing a survey
  • ENH: The ‘Select language’ button has been made accessible
  • ENH: Many of the question types have had their accessibility improved
  • ENH: Required questions are now marked as such to screen readers
  • ENH: ‘Other’ options are now more noticeable in pick list questions
  • ENH: The landing page names and messages have been changed
  • BUG: Some users couldn’t see the ‘Sent conversations’ folder
  • BUG: The Out of Office settings were not working properly
  • BUG: There were issues with the reports page as a result of internationalization
  • BUG: Private survey access error was displaying when not needed
  • BUG: Couldn’t change category for a conversation anymore

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