Release Notes (v6.19.3) – 2nd September 2021

The focus of this release has been internationalisation. As a result, more parts of the website are able to be translated and display information according to the language selected. Users can also now select their own time zone. When a user tries to register an account with an email that’s already registered they now receive an email clarifying this. Both the email and app footers now contain links to the Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Notice. Registration emails now also contain text which lets people know about our Privacy Notice.

The list below covers the major changes and bug fixes in this release:
(note: ENH stands for enhancement)

  • ENH: Translations provided for the conversation history page
  • ENH: Emails are now sent to users trying to register with an email that already exists
  • ENH: When adding managers/admins accented characters are now accepted
  • ENH: The message boxes now have rounder edges
  • ENH: Conversation categories and pick lists can now be translated
  • ENH: Users can set their time zone and times will then be displayed in it
  • ENH: Locale is now saved for each user when the language is changed
  • ENH: Mandatory questions are now marked as such when completing a survey
  • ENH: The company language is now displayed on the System Settings page
  • ENH: Manager actions can now be translated
  • ENH: Translations for the conversation filter options are now provided
  • ENH: Attributes and attribute items can be translated
  • ENH: The email footer contains links to the T&Cs and Privacy Notice
  • ENH: The text when creating an account now mentions the Privacy Notice
  • ENH: The format for the date has been changed to make it easier to be localised
  • ENH: Survey Edit question/Edit section now changed to be Save question/Save section
  • BUG: Users are now redirected to their company page previously they went to the default page
  • BUG: Survey name disappears when created in another language
  • BUG: Missing tick boxes for attributes
  • BUG: Missing tick boxes when changing primary admin
  • BUG: Missing tick box for 2FA
  • BUG: The start a new conversation page did not have ‘Email’ notifications ticked by default
  • BUG: Closed surveys could not be archived
  • BUG: Survey clone retained the group size of original
  • BUG: Lost changes warning displaying despite nothing being lost
  • BUG: Cannot save a question with ‘Other’ option ticked
  • BUG: Changing the ‘Conversation Sharing’ setting affected open conversations
  • BUG: Reports do not display fields properly when there are multiple languages

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