Release Notes (v6.17.1) – 18th June 2021

This release focuses on survey personalisation and brings further changes in that regard. There is now a ‘Send progress’ page which shows the emails sent and remaining for surveys and also lets you send reminders. There’s also the ability to choose an ‘Other’ option for pick lists. Additionally, there is now also the option to add a survey logo during creation (the survey logo is specific to that survey and shows up on emails too). The survey share page now also has a QR code which can be downloaded and links to the survey.

The list below covers the major changes and bug fixes in this release:
(note: ENH stands for enhancement)

  • ENH: The raise a conversation pages have been made to be more accessible
  • ENH: A survey logo can now be added which is specific to that survey
  • ENH: The survey logo (or by default the client logo) is now displayed on survey emails sent
  • ENH: A ‘Send progress’ page has been added with information about surveys sent
  • ENH: Reminders can now be sent from the ‘Send progress’ page
  • ENH: The filter buttons on the survey results page have been improved
  • ENH: The formatting on the survey xlsx report has been improved
  • ENH: Added an option to manage rating scales from within the survey creation process
  • ENH: Surveys are now being saved more consistently while being created
  • ENH: You can now save a created pick list as attributes to use in the future
  • ENH: Pick lists now allow you to have an ‘Other’ option
  • ENH: You can now more finely customise the visibility of a survey
  • ENH: A QR code can now be downloaded from the survey share page
  • ENH: The minimum group size rule settings have been simplified
  • ENH: Survey emails now allow basic formatting of the text
  • ENH: Mandatory questions are now marked as such when added during survey creation
  • ENH: Mini surveys now more closely resemble long surveys
  • ENH: Yes/No question types are now included as filters on the survey results page
  • ENH: A ‘Show only my surveys’ option has been added to the Created Surveys page
  • ENH: Average response & Net positive values are now displayed on the survey results page
  • ENH: The ‘Reply to’ email address on survey emails is now that of the survey creator
  • BUG: Possible to view survey results you shouldn’t have access to
  • BUG: ‘Add question’ button not working in a particular scenario
  • BUG: Alt labels for smileys have been corrected
  • BUG: Pulse chart shows despite the option being turned off
  • BUG: Support Admin doesn’t have access to the Survey Settings page
  • BUG: You could continue without having a question (pulse surveys)
  • BUG: Issues with formatting during the survey creation process
  • BUG: Errors while sending surveys

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