Release Notes (v6.16.0) – 3rd June

This release introduces a new flow for survey creation and as well as improvements for the ‘Created Surveys’ page. This revamp of the survey side of the app means a more modern and cleaner look. In addition, the survey scale settings page has also been updated. Users also now have the option to receive notifications by email when there are new responses to surveys (set during survey creation or by editing a survey).

The list below covers the major changes and bug fixes in this release:

  • ENH: The survey creation flow has been improved both functionally and aesthetically
  • ENH: The ‘Created Surveys’ page has been updated
  • ENH: The ‘Survey Digest’ page has been removed (its information is present on the Dashboard)
  • ENH: Added an option for survey managers to receive email notifications when someone completes the survey
  • ENH: Line breaks allowed in survey and section teasers
  • ENH: The actions on the created surveys page have been simplified
  • ENH: Survey teaser can be edited after it has started
  • ENH: Pressing back on the survey results page takes you back to ‘Created Surveys’
  • ENH: Client logo added to survey exit page
  • ENH: Improvements to the text present during the survey creation process
  • ENH: Improvements to the survey scale settings page
  • ENH: The options for how to send the survey are available just at the end
  • ENH: The created surveys page now shows the survey’s last modified date. The table is now sorted by this date to show the surveys which have been most recently created or modified first
  • ENH: For survey rating scales only the first and last labels are now mandatory
  • ENH: Fixes to some of the translations
  • BUG: Editing a pulse survey duplicates the question
  • BUG: If a locked template survey is cloned it should be unlocked
  • BUG: Ending a survey early sets time to 00:00
  • BUG: Not all zero values are being displayed in Excel extract
  • BUG: Welcome email not populated on instance creation
  • BUG: Setting the password for the primary admin of a newly registered company doesn’t work
  • BUG: Fix unsubscribe link in post-registration emails

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